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Daytime on Monday 23rd March in Camden, London NW1 7AY


Those auditioning will be asked to prepare a short extract from the project (provided at notification stage), accompanied, a piece of your choice, (maximum 5 mins. duration) which should demonstrate your style, range and ability to project text and character effectively, unaccompanied. You will also be asked to sightread a straightforward piece (10 mins to prepare).



6-7 April (9:30am – 6pm) – Play Days for Devising – London. NW1 7AY

22-23 June (9:30am – 6pm) – Rehearsals – London. NW1 7AY

24-27 June - Performances - Warwick, London, Bristol, Exeter.

6 August - Performance - Sidmouth (Devon)



£1,425 (plus per diems for performance days). Accommodation and Travel will be covered for performance days.



Travelling with Thomas is a new folk opera / musical exploring a traditional legend, Thomas The Rhymer. The creative team is Laurel Swift, a professional folk musician & dancer, and theatre designer Lizzie Watts. Travelling with Thomas lets audiences see behind the scenes, showcasing in-progress work, with responses feeding back into the creative process.  The project is entering its second year, focusing on how the characters and landscapes in the story feel, interact and change.  The opinions, ideas and input of the collaborating artists are a vital part of shaping the work’s direction and outlook. We will be looking for vocalists to join the performance team beyond this R&D.


The vocalist will work alongside 2 instrumentalists (oboe + violin / guitar) and 3 dancers to develop new work that articulates and explores 3  different worlds encountered in the legend. The songs explore these 3 worlds through two key characters: the fairy queen, a fierce,  curiousity-driven person and the narrator, an ellusive un-named character who appears to hold all the power to tell other people's stories.


The choice of Thomas the Rhymer is rooted in it's universal themes of love, fairness, truth and time.  Traditional fairy stories depict desperate times, but they also champion creativity and resourcefulness in overcoming seemingly impossible situations. They explore and celebrate otherness, and have humour, realism and hope in their alluring dreams of unbridled relief from powerlessness and isolation. Stories like this survive through the centuries because they remain perpetually and powerfully contemporary.

Female Vocalist needed for New Folk Musical - R&D + Performances


We are looking for a professional female vocalist who:


• Has musical theatre, contemporary, or jazz background with clear lyric delivery.  

• Is a skilled, passionate performer keen to help shape a work as it develops.

• Can sightread well, improvise around given text, and embellish / stylise melodies.

• Is happy with collaborative working; participating in creative settings with instrumentalists and dancers.

• Is comfortable performing unaccompanied and in a small group.

• Is an experienced professional vocalist.

• We are particularly keen to work with BAME artists.




Or please send a CV and link to current footage of yourself performing - either a showreel or 2 pieces lasting approx 5mins to [travellingwiththomas at gmail dot com].


CLOSING DATE: Tuesday 17th March 2020

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